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All about Sky Fisher, The Chosen One
Sky Fisher, the Chosen One, was called to Mt. Skylight by The Universal Spirit to receive Her commandments

One day the man called Sky Fisher forsook the way of the material world and set out on a spiritual journey. This was before Phasmatia, as we now know and call our manner of worship, had manifested itself among the peoples of the earth. Yet, even then, Sky Fisher could feel the light and the almighty power of The Universal Spirit within Him, and resolved to refine and focus that light, as indeed others have done before Him.

Sky Fisher wandered for many months around the countryside, devoting almost all His time to meditation and contemplation. Avoiding the company of humans, except to periodically exchange His labors for some food, or to help a fellow in need, Sky Fisher strove for purification of self.

One day He saw a mountain in the distance—the place we call Mount Skylight—and a rapturous feeling of certainty inside Him told Sky Fisher that He should climb to its summit.

Reaching the top, He sat meditating and fasting for seven days. As the veil of the physical world seemed to lighten and fall away with each passing day, inside Sky Fisher's spirit grew stronger and brighter, until it felt to Him like it was a mighty beacon, shining up into the heavens.

On the seventh day, Sky Fisher suddenly felt permeated by a magnificent rapture, as if all the energy of the entire cosmos had been concentrated into a single place, and infused directly into Him. Then a voice—a sweet, musical feminine voice, full of gentleness and understanding, and yet infused with an inexorable power—spoke inside Sky Fisher's head. The voice uttered forth not in one language, as you and I speak, but varyingly in all human tongues, those known and those long forgotten, as if the words were simply individual threads in a rich, intricate, and multicolored tapestry. Yet even though Sky Fisher had not previously spoken, or, in fact, even heard many of these languages, at that moment he understood them all with a perfect clarity, and without question or uncertainty.

"I have chosen you," the voice of The Universal Spirit said. There was no need for Sky Fisher to ask who had spoken, or what it was He had been chosen to do. In that moment of divine communion, He understood the true nature of The Universal Spirit, and the perfect love She bestowed upon all Her creation. He could feel Her almighty sorrow at how the Dark Energy corrupted the souls of Her children, and Her longing for their salvation.

And yet, even as He sat instilled with all the lightness of the entire Universe, Sky Fisher could feel the great burden that was being placed upon him, and he despaired.

"I am not worthy!" he cried. "Please, take me unto yourself now. It was not easy to forsake human society. Do not ask me to return. Let my purified spirit now join yours, and let me bask in your perfect love for all eternity."

"No, my beloved child," The Spirit replied, "as much as I wish it. Just as it is not easy for you to re-enter the physical world, so it is not easy for me to place this terrible burden upon you, as it was supremely difficult to place it upon the others I have chosen in the past. But I must. I can set the board, but I do not move the pieces, for I have bestowed my children with the free will to determine their own destinies. But these are dark times, so I must choose you and your shining spirit to illuminate the path for all others."

When The Universal Spirit had finished her pronouncement, and although she freely used myriad languages as She spoke, She had specifically used the Latin word "phasmatis" for "spirit." And so it was that when Sky Fisher returned from Mount Skylight, and traveled to New York City—into the very heart of modern humanity—and gathered others about Him to do what had been commanded by The Universal Spirit, He carried that word with Him, and used it to anoint the new religion as Phasmatia.

Sky Fisher walked among his fellows, both physically and using the contemporary tools of electronic communication, and preached the words and the way of The Universal Spirit. Disciples began to gather around Him, and their numbers grew. Some of these devotees Sky Fisher anointed as holy priests to help Him preach the message of Phasmatia, and from the ranks of the priests later came the hallowed bishops, the most holy vanguard of the Phasmatian faithful, sworn to eternal obedience to their leader, The Chosen One.